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Companion Care

Companion care services are one of the many services offered for healthy seniors in the comfort of their homes. However, if you are uncertain of the extent of these services in an elderly care facility, it is important to do a bit of research to determine what it entails before you hire the help of a professional. Essentially, companion care services entail providing emotional support to seniors who are healthy and also would like to remain independent at home. The right professional will also offer other non-medical services geared towards making the senior’s life more manageable. The latter include household chores, medication reminders, and many others. 

24/7 Family Home Care and Veteran Services, a trusted facility in Murrieta, CA has been providing companion care to the elderly in the area for a long time now. We are the trusted professionals in the area offering specialized services to cater to the individual needs of our clients. Our objective is to offer the right support and help and to be able to improve the quality of life of the elderly. We undertake different tasks like grocery shopping, household chores, primarily to help the senior or couple to enjoy life even in their old age. To us, age has no barrier to enjoying a healthy and interactive lifestyle.

We have clients in other areas around Murrieta, CA like Corona, Wildomar, Escondido, Canyon Lake, and others.  We deliver the best experiences at a minimal cost, affordable to our clients. We connect with the seniors and help them to cope and offer the right support that they need. We often start with a basic evaluation of the individual needs of the seniors to ensure that we meet these demands in a befitting manner. We help to maintain the link between the senior and their loved ones and friends. We have the right training and we’re fully equipped to deliver the best services. Companion care comes easy for us and for our clients, they gain healthier and improved wellbeing.

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